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Die Cut Pouch Wholesale Die Cut Pouches

Die Cut Pouch Wholesale Die Cut Pouches

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rainbow
Certification: ISO、SGS
Model Number: Special Shape Bags-003

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 200pieces
Price: Price Based On Product Design
Packaging Details: Carton Box
Delivery Time: 7 to 12 days
Payment Terms: Paypal、T/T、MoneyGram、D/P、D/A、W
Supply Ability: 1200000pcs/Months
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Detailed Product Description

Die Cut Pouch Wholesale Die Cut Pouches

Die Cut Pouch is a custom-made bag typically crafted from plastic or paper materials. They are named for the die-cutting process, which gives the pouch a unique shape and size. These bags often feature an open top without the need for sealing, making them ideal for quick and easy packaging and access to items.

Features and Applications of Die Cut Pouch:

Unique Shapes: Die Cut Pouches can be customized into various shapes, such as circles, squares, hearts, etc., adding creativity and personalization to product packaging.

Lightweight and Portable: Due to the absence of additional sealing parts, Die Cut Pouches are generally lighter and easier to carry than traditional bags.

Wide Range of Applications: Die Cut Pouches can be used for packaging a variety of products, including food, stationery, cosmetics, gifts, and more, making them popular in the retail and gifting industries.

Quick Packaging: With no sealing requirements, using Die Cut Pouches allows for swift product packaging, enhancing production efficiency.

Sustainable Options: In addition to conventional plastic materials, eco-friendly paper options are available for making Die Cut Pouches, reducing their environmental impact.

End of Introduction to Die Cut Pouch

Please note that the specific applications and features of Die Cut Pouch may vary depending on customer requirements and manufacturer design. If you have more specific questions or need further information about Die Cut Pouch, feel free to reach out to us. As a professional manufacturer, we offer customized solutions to cater to your needs.

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MATERIAL:Food Grade MaterialSIZE:Customized Size
FEATURE:Moisture Proof,Recyclable,SecurityINDUSTRIAL USE:Candy,Cookie,Gummy Food Packaging

Shenzhen Rainbow Packaging Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in customized die cut pouches, we have been operating for more than 16 years. We produce custom variety of CBD、Hemp 、Cannabis packaging edible die cut pouches and are committed to making our customers' die cut packaging pouches as innovative, fresh and creative as possible. Our high-quality die cut pouches, excellent service, low special-shaped die cut pouches prices and fast die cut pouches delivery time are the basis for our repeat customers over the years.

As a die cut pouch supplier, we understand the importance of providing valuable information to our visitors. Below, we delve into five essential dimensions of die cut pouches and answer six frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions.

①Versatile Customization of die cut pouches

Die cut pouches offer unparalleled customization options. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs available, you can tailor the pouches to perfectly showcase your brand and products. The versatility of die cut pouches allows you to create packaging that stands out on retail shelves, capturing the attention of potential customers.

②Premium Material Selection of die cut pouches

Our die cut pouches are crafted from premium-quality materials, ensuring durability and product protection. With options for different material thicknesses and barrier properties, you can trust that your products remain fresh and secure inside the pouches.

③Functional and User-Friendly of die cut pouches

Die cut pouches are designed with functionality in mind. The convenient zip-lock closure ensures easy opening and resealing, maintaining the product's integrity and extending its shelf life. The user-friendly design enhances customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases.

④Environmentally Conscious Solutions of die cut pouches

As eco-friendly packaging gains momentum, die cut pouches are an excellent choice for sustainability-conscious businesses. These pouches can be manufactured using recyclable materials, reducing environmental impact and appealing to environmentally aware consumers.

⑤Versatile Applications of die cut pouches

Die cut pouches are versatile and suitable for various products across industries. From food items like snacks, nuts, and coffee to non-food products like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, these pouches cater to a wide range of applications, making them an ideal packaging solution for diverse businesses.


Q: Can I request a custom size for my die cut pouches?

A: Yes, we offer custom sizing options to meet your specific packaging requirements.

Q: Are die cut pouches suitable for liquid products?

A: Absolutely! We offer specialized designs with leak-proof seals, making them perfect for liquid items.

Q: What printing options are available for branding my pouches?

A:We provide various printing techniques, including flexographic and digital printing, ensuring vibrant and high-quality branding on the pouches.

Q: Can I order a small quantity of die cut pouches for a trial run?

A: Certainly! We accommodate both small and large order quantities to support your business needs.

Q: What is the lead time for production and delivery?

A: Our streamlined production process allows for a quick turnaround time, and we work diligently to deliver your orders on schedule.

Q: Do you provide assistance with graphic design for my pouches?

A: Yes, our skilled design team is available to collaborate with you and create eye-catching graphics for your die cut pouches.

Thank you for exploring the world of die cut pouches with us. For customized, eco-friendly, and versatile packaging solutions, contact us today and elevate your product presentation to new heights with our top-notch die cut pouches.

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