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Custom Printed Special Shape Die Cut Mylar Bags

Custom Printed Special Shape Die Cut Mylar Bags

Product Details:

Place of Origin: shen zhen
Brand Name: Rainbow Packaging
Certification: FDA, ISO
Model Number: 001

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 200pcs
Price: US$0.05
Packaging Details: 150*180+80MM
Delivery Time: 6-10 days around
Payment Terms: Paypal、T/T
Supply Ability: 6000000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description

Custom Printed Special Shape Die Cut Mylar Bags

FEATURE:Moisture Proof,Recyclable,Barrier,SecuritySIZE:Customized Size
MATERIAL:Laminated Material,PlasticTHICKNESS:50-200microns

Die Cut Paper Bags Wholesale Die Cut Paper pouch

what are Die Cut Mylar Bags

Introduction:Die Cut Mylar Bags are a popular choice in the packaging industry, offering a blend of eco-friendliness and versatility. These bags are crafted with precision, allowing for unique shapes and sizes to meet specific packaging needs. Let's explore the detailed features and benefits of Die Cut Paper Bags.

1. Premium-Quality Materials:Die Cut Paper Bags are made from high-quality paper materials, ensuring strength and durability. The use of premium paper enhances the overall appearance and feel of the bags, making them suitable for a wide range of products.

2. Customization Options:One of the standout features of Die Cut Mylar Bags is the ability to customize them according to your branding and design requirements. Whether it's adding your company logo, artwork, or unique colors, these bags can be tailored to reflect your brand identity effectively.

3. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:As a sustainable packaging option, Die Cut Mylar Bags are biodegradable and compostable. They have a minimal impact on the environment, making them an eco-conscious choice for businesses striving to reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Versatility in Applications:Die Cut Mylar Bags find applications in various industries, including retail, food and beverage, events, and promotions. They are ideal for packaging clothing, gifts, food items, cosmetics, and more, making them a versatile choice for businesses of all types.

5. Sturdy and Secure:Despite their lightweight nature, Die Cut Mylar Bags are designed for strength and endurance. They can comfortably carry moderately heavy items without tearing or losing their shape.

6. Cost-Effective Solution:Die Cut Mylar Bags offer a cost-effective packaging solution for businesses. They are efficient to produce, making them budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

7. Aesthetic Appeal:The aesthetic appeal of Die Cut Mylar Bags adds an element of sophistication to the packaging. Their unique shapes and designs make them visually appealing and attractive to customers.

8. Convenient and User-Friendly:Die Cut Mylar Bags are easy to use and handle, making them convenient for both customers and retailers. The die-cut handles provide a comfortable grip for carrying the bags.

Conclusion:Die Cut Mylar Bags combine eco-friendliness, customization, and practicality, making them a top choice for sustainable and eye-catching packaging. Their ability to cater to diverse industries and product types adds to their appeal. As a responsible and innovative packaging solution, Die Cut Paper Bags offer an eco-friendly and stylish way to package your products while leaving a positive impact on the environment.


Description of Die Cut Mylar Bags

1.Material :MOPP / AL / PE, MOPP / VMPET / PE
2.Color:CMYK printing system, we can printing 12 colors at most
3.Size:customized , width from 5cm-1000cm, length from 5 cm-2000cm
4.Logo:cosmetics facial mask foil pouches printing as your request
5.MOQ:20000 pcs PET Foods stand up pouch ( the size of the product will also affect the MOQ )
6.Samples Time:(1)10-12 days-If you want to customize your logo.

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference and be free
7.Certification available:FDA / SGA
8.Packing Details:cosmetics facial mask foil pouches125 PCS-5000 PCS, also be affected by the size and thickness, we put clear PE film, and cartons to pack the pouches, and also use adhesive tape to seal the four corner to avoid any dust
9.Production Capacity:cosmetics facial mask foil pouches 100,000pcs Per day.
10.Payment Term:L / C,T / T, Western Unoin, MoneyGram

Process of Die Cut Mylar Bags

Crafted with PrecisionThe production of die cut paper bags involves precision and expertise. It starts with designing the bag's shape and size, followed by selecting high-quality paper materials. Specialized die-cutting machinery is then utilized to cut the paper sheets into the desired shape. Additional features like handles and closures may be added during the process. Finally, the bags undergo thorough quality checks to ensure superior craftsmanship before being ready for use.

Applications of Die Cut Mylar Bags

Versatility at Its BestDie cut paper bags find diverse applications across various industries:

Retail: Die cut paper bags are a popular choice for packaging clothes, shoes, and other retail items.

Food Service: These bags are commonly used in bakeries, cafes, and restaurants for packaging take-out meals and pastries.

Gifts and Events: Die cut paper bags are often used to present gifts or favors at events, weddings, and parties.

Promotions: Companies leverage these bags for brand promotions and advertising during marketing campaigns.

Sustainability Initiatives: Die cut paper bags are favored by eco-conscious businesses seeking sustainable packaging alternatives.

Benefits of Die Cut Mylar Bags: Sustainable and Stylish

Eco-Friendly: Die cut paper bags are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Customizable: With various paper options, colors, and printing techniques available, businesses can create custom-designed bags that reflect their brand identity.

Strength and Durability: Despite their lightweight appearance, die cut paper bags are sturdy and capable of carrying various items securely.

Cost-Effective: The manufacturing process for die cut paper bags is efficient, allowing for cost-effective mass production.

Fashionable and Trendy: Die cut paper bags exude elegance and charm, making them a stylish choice for high-end boutiques and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Die Cut Mylar Bags

1.Can I order Die Cut Mylar Bags with custom artwork?

Absolutely! We offer custom printing services, enabling you to showcase your brand's unique artwork on the bags.

2. Are die cut paper bags recyclable?

Yes, die cut paper bags are eco-friendly and fully recyclable, contributing to your sustainability goals.

3. Can I get samples of Die Cut Mylar Bags before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating the product and can provide samples upon request.

4. Do Die Cut Mylar Bags come with handles for easy carrying?

Yes, we offer die cut paper bags with handles for added convenience.

5. What is the lead time for producing Die Cut Mylar Bags?

The lead time may vary depending on the order size and customization requirements. Our team will provide you with the estimated lead time when placing an order.

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